No Ruff Day

Learn and Play

We require all dogs to have two sets of shots


TUESDAY    -- 6:00-7:00 pm

THURSDAY -- 7:30-8:30 pm

FRIDAY       -- 1:00- 2:00 pm

SATURDAY -- 11:30 am -12:30 pm 

Come and join us in a positive and fun training environment!

Life Skills classes are designed for puppies/dogs 5 months through adult. In this class we continue to build and strengthen the basics and more.  Our class is based on a proven and successful six week modular training program that adds to your best friends knowledge and will aid in bringing the bond between you and your dog to a higher level.  The training consists of reviewing the basics and introducing new commands for a well behaved dog inside the home and out in public.  We will work on place commands along with door greetings, people greetings, recalls, loose leash walking and more.  

Traditional Class program class is $135.00.  This program is our traditional program you get 6 weeks of classes, one Puppy 101 or Life Skills class per week.  You would choose your desired class, for example, Thursday at 7:30pm, this would be the class you would attend for your 6 weeks.  In 6 weeks you do all 6 modules and get a well-rounded education. You also receive 2 email consults which you can submit with video for additional help.  Each class is one hour in length.

We now have two classes to choose from.

Welcome to Life Skills!

Multiple Class program cost is 6 weeks for $160.00 This is our newest program designed to give you more practice and different dogs and owners to work​with.  This program is a 6 week program and during the 6 weeks you will be able to attend multiplePuppy101orLifeSkillsclasses per week.  The modules change every Sunday and are the same for that week. For example you choose to start on a Thursday, you may also come to the Life Skills classes scheduled for Friday, Saturday of the same week. Thursday is our Basic Commands class as is Friday and Saturday.  Then on Sunday the module will change to House Manners.  So Thursday you will learn the new elements in Basic commands and on Friday and Saturday you will practice them and then on Sunday you will learn the new elements in House Manners and be able to practice those the rest of the week. Also included is 6 weeks of unlimited Email help,  you can simply ask questions or submit a video for review if needed.  Each class is one hour in length.  This program gives you more opportunity to practice and ask questions as you move along the training journey!